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Online gambling requires the flow of money and there are many times where it’s not allowed, secure, or legal. eCheck for Casinos exist, which is basically a method of moving money used for online gambling. This is why there are a bunch of New eCheck Casinos popping up. This is good news for you if you are an avid fan of gambling and all it entails.Read more

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What is eCheck?

You can think of it as a convenient way to use online gambling sites and bet real money without having to worry about the rules and regulations stopping you. From your checking account, you can pay the gambling site to deposit your money and then reverse the transaction for the withdrawal.

The information from the check will be turned into electronic data, which makes the transaction possible. This is how a paper check can be turned into an electronic check. Other names for this particular payment method are direct debit, ACH payment, or ACH transfer.

All you really need to do in order to use it is to create an account to use eCheck for Online Casinos. The way to do that is by going to an appropriate platform like PaySimple and just signing up. From there,it’s just a matter of choosing which online gambling platform you want to transact with.

How Does Echeck Work?

Although the method is often referred to as eCheck Casinos when referring to the transactions that involve online gambling, this can actually be used for many things. It’s basically the same as an offline check but done electronically and with no need to go to the bank.

The way it works is that there will be a request for authorization, which can be done either by phone or online. Then the information for the payment is inputted into the software that will be used for the appropriate transaction involving Online gambling sites.

Once the information has been provided and sent, the payment is confirmed and finalized. At that point, the money is withdrawn from your bank account and transferred over to the online gambling platforms or back. It’s how instant eCheck casinos work.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Using This Method?

If you want to withdraw or deposit your money from Casinos using eCheck, the process is simple enough. As long as you have an account via one of these platforms of your choice and the online platforms, you can withdraw your money at any time. The same goes for eCheck deposit casinos.

Take a look at this step-by-step instruction on how to do so:
Step 1: Choose a gambling platform that accepts electronic checks.
Step 2: Authorize the payment at the cashier section of the site.
Step 3: Input your bank details and other necessary information.
Step 4: Determine how much you want to deposit or withdraw.
Step 5: Finish the transaction and check if it is successful.

The popularity of this payment method does not mean that there are no restrictions regarding the platform at all. There are just fewer of them compared to more conventional modes of payment online. Well, at least as far as online gambling was concerned.

The Limits and Commission for Deposit and Withdrawal

For all the great things that come with using this electronic payment method for gambling, it is not omnipotent. There are certain limitations that come with it and there are also commissions to consider. In many cases, many merchant sites do not accept the payment method.

Depending on the gambling sites that you engage with, there is also the question of commission to consider. The rates can differ, but in most cases, you can expect fees that range from $0.30 to $1.5.

There are some Online Casinos charging eCheck transactions much higher commissions, though. That’s just something to think about when you are making your choices as to which online site you will go with.

Security and Safety

How safe is this transaction method? Unless you are deliberately choosing shady online sites and platforms, it’s relatively safe.

Most of these kinds of sites have their own encryption protocols that keep transactions safe in every stage of the process. The only question then is the site that you choose. These kinds of payments for gambling and withdrawal are only as safe as those gambling sites make them.

Pros and Cons of this Electronic Method

There are several pros and cons that come with using eCheck to pay Casinos. This is just to be expected and since we are dealing with money, be sure to take note of them.

Echeck Pros

  • Fast – Since these kinds of payments are essentially electronic payments, it is done practically in an instant. There is no need to walk up to the bank to line up and cash it in. You can also do the transaction from anywhere in the world, so location is not a problem.
  • Cheap – While there are times when the commission for transactions with this payment method and the like are a bit up there, most fees are quite cheap. You don’t need to bother too much with the usual rates even if you have to do the transaction multiple times.
  • Versatile – There are many platforms and Online Casinos using eCheck for customers to choose from, which is great. The versatility of choice simply makes the entire thing worth doing, especially if you are the kind to keep his options open.

Echeck Cons

  • Fraud risks – While the risk is relatively minimal, there is still the chance that you might become the victim of fraud with this method. When you try to use this transaction method be sure to do a little research on the platform and the site.


All in all, though, eCheck Casinos is much like most modes of online payments. As long as you use it right, it is about as convenient and secure as everything else. What’s more, it’s directly connected to your bank account, so getting your money after withdrawal is easy. It’s how eCheck online casinos work.

When you are gambling online, this is your best option for both depositing money and getting money. There is no need to worry about being denied access wherever you may be. The rules for gambling in specific regions and countries do not affect it. So you can use eCheck for Online Casinos as much as you want.


Expert Opinion

“I’ve been gambling online for a while now and the only reliable way of depositing or withdrawing money from Online Casinos is eCheck. It’s very secure and I have never had an issue there, plus the transaction is quite fast despite local regulations and laws.”  Petr Duf CasinoMap Team.