Where Do I Begin?
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I'm just getting started, what should I read first?

Learn about how a fur post was set up & run.
Who was involved in the fur trade?
I want to learn more about voyageurs.
I want to learn more about clerks & bourgeois.
I want to learn more about the role of women.

I want to learn about David Thompson & how he made his maps.

Learn about his life.
How he navigated (basics).
I know celestial navigation, and I want to learn the techniques that he actually used.
I am an historian and I want to be able to understand his navigational notes.

We're learning about the fur trade in school, how can Northwest Journal help?

What was it like to be a voyageur?
Voyageur life sounds great! Give me a contract!
Finger weaving a garter or sash sounds like fun!
Tell me a creepy story.
How did they make canoes?
What does a big fur post look like, and how were they built?
Teach me how to light a fire without using matches.
I love school, give me a quiz!
What did fur traders eat?
What were voyageurs' dog sleds like?
Tell me an amazing true story.
What did they do about the mosquitoes?
Where are some cool places to visit?
What other information is on this site?
I want to visit some other great fur trade web sites.


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